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Friday, April 16, 2010

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo!

Last Sunday, Grouchy & I took our princess, Miss Caralyn, to Casa Manana to see a live production of Cinderella. It was such fun!!! My daughter went the whole nine yards & dressed her in a Cinderella costume (complete w/ glass slippers!) & she looked just beautiful! I wanted to play dress up too so I made a tulle wand & wore one of my tiaras & went as Caralyn's fairy godmother. *grins*

By the time they made it to our house, Miss Caralyn was so full of herself that she had a major attitude. She was bossy & demanding & we hadn't made it a couple miles before I turned around, looked her dead in the eye & said, "Caralyn Camille! You lose the attitude!". She looked me dead in the eye & said, "yes ma'am!" & then nodded off on the drive there.

Here I am, changing the brat into a princess! ;o)

I didn't get a picture of her glass slippers. Truth be known, she didn't wear them very long cause they give her a blister. We expected that though & brought along flip flops. I told her "Life's too short to wear shoes that make your feet hurt...even if they are reeallllly pretty."

Here she is, waiting in line to get Cinderella's autograph. She was so excited! So was the little girl in front of us, whose mother kept saying "are you sure you really want Cinderella's autograph bad enough to wait in this very long line?" To which, the girl would say, "yes Mom...I really really want it!". A few minutes would pass & the mother would say again, "I just want to make sure that it's important enough to you, cause this line is really long & it's going to take forever" ... over & over again. I wanted to say, "look Lady, either disappoint your daughter & step out of this very long line or shut up!" but I didn't, of course. I just kept shooting pictures of Caralyn. ;o)

Until she said, "Honey!!! Stop taking pictures of me!" LOL

This is my favorite shot of the day & it doesn't even have Caralyn in it. But it captures the reaction of the Prince & Cinderella when they saw Caralyn, in all her finery.

They wouldn't pose for pictures, as they wanted the line to move as quickly as possible, so all I got was the back of Caralyn's head w/ Cinderella but she did tell Caralyn, "I LOVE your dress... it is so pretty!"

Look at the awestruck look on her face...she thinks she really met royalty. And don't anybody tell her any different!

Caralyn had no desire to meet or get the autographs of the wicked step-sisters.

And not the King either. She wasn't even all that interested in the handsome Prince...the only one she thought was important was Cinderella.

The pollen count has been very high here & Caralyn had already been wheezing ... the fake fog they used in the show didn't help matters any so by the next day she was having a full blown asthma attack. My daughter took her into the Dr, not too concerned cause this happens all the time but Caralyn's oxygen count was so low that she had to be taken to Cook's in an ambulance! It was very traumatizing @ the time for Caralyn but true to her Princess nature, she's now lording it over her brothers that she got to ride in an ambulance & they didn't! That's my girl!!! *grins*

Next month we're taking all the grands to see Peter Pan @ Casa Manana. Wish me luck! ;o)


Leann said...

Oh Cami

What a fun time she must have had. I love that she dressed up to go - soo sweet. And I also love that you are a good Grammy and made her behave.

Can't wait to hear about the next adventure.

Annie Joy said...

What a precious Cinderella! I love it that you are teaching her those important lessons (about wearing shoes that hurt your feet)! The wicked stepsisters could have confirmed that wisdom; I think in one of the original versions of the story, one of them actually cut off her toe to get the shoe to fit! Thank you for the lovely photos. Annie Joy

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Oh what fun ~ and you captured it all so wonderfully in pictures for that adorable little granddaughter to always remember! You are SUCH a great fairy godmother! LOL

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Christine Edwards said...

That is so adorable, and I love that you dressed as her Fairy Godmother. I had to chuckle at your post title because in elementary school I sang that song as Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. ;-) Your pictures are great, and Caralyn is enchanting. I'm sorry to hear that her asthma got so bad to warrant going to the hospital, but I love that's she's rubbing it in she got to ride in an ambulance...spunky girl! Enjoy your weekend!

Collected Treasures...for the home, heart & soul said...

And THIS is what makes like special! Just precious

Beth said...

Loved reading about your Cinderella trip and felt I was right there with you! My niece loves wearing her Cinderella costume, too. What fun!

Auntie Cake said...

Oh my goodness what fun the both of you had! I so wish I could be there. And I would have dressed up too! What a cutie, even with the attitude!

Bummer about the torn ACL, I can totally understand about not wanting to always be hurt! I take about a 3 hour nap the days after our games. I think it is my body telling me it needs time to heal! And our record this year is not so great. We have been champions in the past, let's just say, this is a re-building year!!! It's fun to be a part of the team though, very crazy for me, I am the token girlie-girl on the team! I make them laugh, the other day my coach was asking me to help with a play, and I am thinking a theatrical play. Costumes, make-up, lines, stage lights... The whole bit. I gave everyone a good laugh when I realized he was actually talking about a two-point conversion!


Debra said...

What a wonderful thing you did taking het there- every little girls dream!!

Kim said...

Sooooo cute! Though I sure wish my little princess would reply "Yes mam!" when I told her to lose the attitude :)

tarnishedandtattered.blogsot.com said...

Oh gosh girl, how cute is this post!!! Your little 'brat' is darling. You guys are dressed up so cute. Did she like her magic wand? I would really like to go see Peter Pan, especially after seeing this. How cool that you can greet the cast. I would have been in line for the wicked girls, love their costumes. Lisa

Natasha Burns said...

oh how cute she is in her lovely dress!!! I love that Cindarella made a big deal of it, must have made the very long wait in that very long line worthwhile!
Sorry to hear about the asthma, but i love how she's turned it around on her brothers about the ambulance ride! what a great girl you have!

Charlene said...

ADORABLE POST! I loved the Loose the attitude part! :) And the part where all the others mattered not... just Cinderella. I would love to take my GRANDS to see Peter Pan. When is it? Do you think they still have tickets? Oh what fun. I saw Mary Martin play Peter Pan. Does that age me? HUGS! Charlene

Debra@Common Ground said...

Great experience, and to have her all dressed up was so sweet, she's such a cutie, hope she's doing OK now! And I love what you said about shoes, I feel the same exact way!

Inspired-Simplicity said...

Great blog...too much fun. Your the best Grandmother. The tulle wands turned out perfect. She is just adorable.

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Oopsie. Glad I had a chance to revise my post for spelling errors, although I could not edit, just repost. So glad you and your precious Caralyn had such a grand time. So sad about the asthma attack - I know all too well about the suddeness and fright that comes along with this ailment as my youngest suffers as well. Seems young ones get a bit sassy before a big attack and then it just breaks your heart when you can't make it magically better for them right away. Glad she is better now! Thank you for your sweet visit and comments today. Paper Cowgirl is gonna be such a galloping great time! ~ Angela

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, what fun, Cami! I love your little Cinderella in her costume (I agree about hurting feet) and got tickled at the fact that the only one she really wanted to meet was Cinderella! LOL! That prince was pretty cute, too. ;-)

Sounds like such fun memories.


Sheila :-)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Oh poor baby, an asthma attack because of all the fun!? I'll bet that is NOT the party she will remember about this day in the future.