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Monday, September 7, 2009

Junkin' Monday

Hello! There's a fun new meme in blogland, Junkin' Monday, hosted by Clara & Marcela @ Cottage Charm & Inspiration...and their blog lives up to it's name, you'll find oodles of inspiration!

I had a pretty good week thrifting...but as I've said before, y'all need to bear in mind, that my finds are usually a combined "haul" from at least 2, sometimes 3 or more trips. I often hear, "I just don't have your luck w/ finding good stuff". It's not luck...it's persistence, compulsion, addiction...whatever you want to call it. ;o) I live in a thrift town mecca w/ many stores w/in 30 minutes of me so it's easy to hit more than one in one day. Gotta love the metroplex!

I often buy linens & things too but they don't usually make it into the photos as they get laundered & then put away.

I was attracted to this pastel beacsue of the roses, mirror frame & flame of the candles but I'm not sure it'll work for me after all. For $3, I can afford to have buyer's remorse over it & redonate it.

The lady vase, I used on my granddaughter's birthday table. The porcelain doll will get a new identity w/ a pair of fairy wings & a new dress. Not sure the wicker lampshades will work for me but maybe.

Love the pressed glass creamer & the mirrors (there are 2) will get a coat of white paint...they were only $3. In the bag, are 4 tiny little furniture "legs".

I never pass up setwell pants hangers. I once sold a set of 6 on eBay for $30! Have y'all seen them used as a "picture hanger"? Too cute!

Lovely embroidered linens. I may frame the rectangle one...I have the perfect frame for it.

Vintage buttons & seam binding & rickrack. I've been very lucky finding these lately.

The buttons are still on their original cards.

Love these globes, that turn candlesticks into votives.

And a bagful of doggie stamps! I've bought more stamps at thrift stores than I have Michael's or Hobby Lobby!

Stop by Clara & Marcela's to see more finds & may all your hunts be filled w/ the "good junk"!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

WOW! You really scored!...Obsession pays off!! LOL!!
The oval doily will be cute framed also, and if you add the wooden legs to it, it will make an adorable tray...And the doll, you are right, she could be a sweet Fairy. She has the perfect face for it! Thank you so much for playing with us today. Enjoy your Labor Day!!
M & C

Lori said...

you found some wonderful goodies...i love your doll and the lady vase...the linens you found are so pretty!!!

Uncanny Festoon said...

Looks like baggie heaven! Lots of nice vintage notions!

ceekay said...

You found some great items...but I love those doggie stamps...I am working on a scrapbook for Bentley and those would be sooo cute. Enjoy!

Joan@anthinggoeshere said...

How fun to get a whole bag of doggie stamps. Lots of fun with those.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

How nice it has to be to live in a town with sooo many possibilites! We have to travel near & far to get our junk! Looks like you found quite a bit of lovely things - lucky you!

tardevil said...

Love the girl planter. As always, you find the best stuff. You could always turn the wicker shades upside down and use them for a "bottomless" basket. ;O) Hope you're doing well!

Katy ~ said...

Oh, those doilies are just lovely. The candestick votives are going to be so nice. I can just picture them, all aglow.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Hi Cami! We hav no idea why the new feeds don't show...:(
Thank you for visiting anyway!

ThinkingPig said...

I love the Porcelain Doll...You found so many pretty ones...You are lucky...
Enjoyed this post¬¬¬

Queenie said...

I'm lovin' your junk girlfriend! It all is so pretty...would have thought it all came from an antique store...you did great! Thanks for telling me about the new meme...I'm gonna go check out their blog, maybe I'll participate sometime soon....
P.S. The recipe for pepper steak looks delish!
Big Hugs,

Debbie Kay said...

All of that makes my mouth water! Great deals and terrific finds.


Debbie Kay