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Monday, May 11, 2009

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's day!

I know I did! We had a combo birthday party for Connor (he turned 11 on Friday) & Mother's day celebration....just like we did the year he was born.

My hubby, Chris, gifted me w/ a huge bunch of roses ...I used most as a dining table centerpiece (you'll see them in a future Tablescape Thursday post) but I saved one for my bedside table. Love the little vignette that it creates w/ books, bunny & feather-trimmed lampshade.

I'll share pic of the kids after my Mom sends me the ones off her camera & I can choose the best ones from her camera & my camera but in the meantime, here's a shot of Cutie Rudy. He is fitting so well into our family....it's almost as if he has almost been here. I loved Gizzy very, very much but when I got him it was pre-grandkids. My daughter didn't live at home anymore & my boys were teenagers & were rarely home. Gizzy was my "baby" & everything focused around him.....& his world around me. He never got over that & suffered from separation anxiety terribly. The only time he was interested in anyone else was if I wasn't there. I will never do that to another dog! My goal w/ Rudy is for him to greet everybody w/ the same love & affection that he greets me.

I read a book recently about socializing a puppy & it said to expose them to 100 different situations & people w/in 100 days. Most of the suggestions on teh list (toddlers, skateboarding, kids riding a bike, old people, teenagers, kids bouncing a ball, person w/ umbrella, person w/ hat, little girl, baby, baby in stroller, person carrying baby, etc) he was exposed to w/in the first week! He has no choice but to be socialized! *grins* And my arms are often filled w/ a grandkid (or 2!) so there is no danger of me carrying him around all the time. He's just as taken w/ hubby (& vice versa) as he is w/ me!

Not even the chis can resist him...they've both been caught playing w/ him! How could you not love a face like this?


Katy ~ said...

That was the question I was going to ask, how can you not love a face like his! I just want to smoosh him with kisses and more kisses!

Happy Birthday to Connor!!

I'm so glad you had a Happy Mother's Day. Much to celebrate!

HoneyB said...

It just hit me that your new doggie's name is the same as my kitten....Rudy Rut-ton!

I'm glad you had such a great day and I'm also glad to hear you sound so happy.

Terri and Bob said...

That puppy is adorable!! I am so happy for you!

Stacey said...

He's precious. You are very smart to socialize him like that. We definitely should have done a better job with our dachshund.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love little ShihTzu puppy faces. Enjoy the puppy breathe and little kisses.
Brenda in Canada

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

Cutie Rudy is just too adorable!!! I want a puppy like him. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Mother's day with the family.