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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

2nd Time Around Tuesday

Hello & welcome to Second Time Around Tuesday...hosted by Diane @ A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words. It used to be called Trash to Treasure but she changed the name because it's not really about make-overs but about second-hand finds & how we treasure them & use them. I have been garage sal'ing & flea-marketing for as long as I can remember....and oh how happy I was when I first discovered thrift shops, about 12 years ago. I could "garage sale" anytime I wanted! I didn't have to get up early & beat the crowds, I didn't have to waste much gas, I could go in any kind of weather... it was nirvana for someone like me.

I have always loved going through piles of old junk. Most of it I don't want but still think is pretty neat. And I almost always find a little sumthin' that calls my name & says "Can't I come home w/ you? Nobody else appreciates me & "gets" me like you do." *grins* Crazy as that sounds, there is an element of truth in it. Someone, somewhere has designated me the "Keeper of the Stuff". Again, I am aware of how crazy it sounds but I am only half-joking. I have found 3 napkins @ one thrift store & a a month later found the 4th at another thrift store. I have bought a crocheted doily, used it on the back of a chair, wished I had another for the other chair & again, found the mate a month later. This stuff is supposed to be w/ me. I know, I know...I can feel you all looking at me like I'm crazy, I get the same looks from my family. ;o)

Anyway, this was my haul from about a month ago...I'm always behind in posting my finds. It might have all been in one trip but most likely was at least 2...I keep my recent finds in a box & then take pictures of that week's haul.

(click on any picture to enlarge for details)

The wings y'all saw in my Valentine's decor.

Lovely watercolor of some sweet birds. I'll either reframe it or paint this one. And I scored 3 Pampered Chef bread tubes. They bake the bread in fancy shapes. Hubby had the idea to make pound cake in one, slice it & serve it w/ sliced ice cream frozen in the same shape. The man has been married to me for too long! *grins* There was a time when he would have thought I was silly for wanting to do something like that & here he is, coming up w/ these ideas all on his own.

Embroidered runner, crocheted doodads.

This little lamb has already been photographed...it must have found it's way back into the box. Camera hog! The little egg slicer was for hubby...he loves old kitchen gadgets. The gold tea cups I needed to go w/ my gold-rimmed china. This week, I found a nicer set of 8 though so these will be redonated w/out ever having used them. Good thing they were only $3, huh?

Now see...this is an example of what I mean. I found 6 of these tea cups & saucers . I already owned 6 dinner plates (also thrifted) in this pattern by J & G Meakin. The pattern is Sterling Renaissance, I love them & they're obviously, supposed to be w/ me. ;o)

Love the ironstone canisters! $3 a piece! Yes, I'm a price-dropper...but I can't help but brag about my bargains.

And I forgot to get a close-up of it but in the first pic, you'll see a white picture frame. I printed off a letter C, distressed the paper w/ a bit of distress ink & slapped it in the frame. Not bad for a $2 investment, huh? You'll see more of my finds in the future...nearly everything in my home was bought second-hand. Seriously, almost everything in it... I'm proud of that!

Are you a thrift junkie too? Then come w/ me to Diane's to see everybody else's treasured finds.



Cami,(bowing to the thrifty Queen) I am a girl of the same genes...AMAZING how objects call our name! I am giggling at your familys reaction...my daughters use the term "Cute BUT Cheap"when they describe me! Often when my friends comment on how "cute" my house is...I tell them, I only live in a "poor house" lol...I am a trash to treasure gal!
Will stop in your beautiful blog home again!

tardevil said...

Absolutely! I love the little lamb, even if he is a camera hog. That bird picture is pretty too!
The cannisters are awesome too.

tardevil said...

I knew I forgot something...have you ever seen teacups & saucers on a post for a bird feeder? If you're not going to keep those pretty white/gold trim cups, it might be pretty to make some of those!

Stacey said...

Cami, I'm not a thrift store junky but I think you are going to reform me!!

HoneyB said...

Vinty, you and my aunt Marlene would get along fabulously! I wish we lived closer to you! I would hire you to help me decorate my home!!

Dawn said...

Wow you have some great finds there! I liked enlarging your picture and getting a close up look!

I have been looking for some doilies to buy. They are hard to find. I think I'll have to go to some thrift shops and look for some.

take care,

Beth at Aunties said...

Thanks for your visit and the the wonderful tips!
Oh the embroidered runner and crocheted items are so pretty!!! But I ahve to say Ironstone canisters and some of the dishes are my favorites!!! So many beauties adn great deals to look at!

ann said...

Cami,you did real good.That frame is awesome.I would LOVE to have it.Yes,I too believe things are SUPPOSE to be ours.I'm not as lucky as you on finding all my sets,but I still enjoy them.
And I'll tell you how silly I am.Sometimes I feel sorry for a lonesome object and I'll bring it home with me.Especially if it's been broken.A couple of my favs have been that way. I forgot to look.Did you get a Texas Button?I hve one on my blog in the side bar.Please take it and proudly display your state...Ann

ellen b said...

Oh girl! You are my kind of shopper! I hide, I mean I set a lot of my finds aside, too and forget to photo them :0)
I love this stash and the prices you paid...
My husband hesitates to add any more storage space to our little condo knowing I'll fill it up lickety split...

Ginger said...

You are lucky to find so many things. I never seem to find anything but "junk".

Sassy said...

OH MY STARS!!!! I love all of those things...and I am a teacup and teaapot nut...and vintage linens...oh my word I could have so much fun with you!

lvroftiques said...

Cami you are a bargain shopper supreme!! And when you said your things speak to you
"Can't I come home w/ you? Nobody else appreciates me & "gets" me like you do"
I feel exactly the same way! I feel I need to "save" the poor thang! Lol! Because nobody else is gonna love it like I do *winks* Hahaha! Girlfriend I have that same set of Meakin! Found mine at the Goodwill. But that canister set is fab! I can't believe you scored it for that! Wowser! I have sooo enjoyed this bargain shoppping trip with you! But now I'll be out shopping and lookin' at some cool canister set...And I'll think...naw I can't buy that one.... Cami found hers for $3!!! Lol!! Vanna

lvroftiques said...

Oh thank God! It was $3 a piece! I'd never be able to buy another canister set as long as I lived if I had to try to get near that price! Lol!! *winks* Vanna

Sherri S said...

Hi my name is Sherri and I am a thrift junkie, clearance rack shopper! LOVE your finds! The ironstone has me drooling on my keyboard and just shut my mouth for $3! I also LOVE the cute frame. You are my sister seperated at birth, I just know it! Oh and hun, it ain't price dropping I get ALL excited when I hear someone's steal of a deal!

Carrie said...

Your thrifty finds are wonderful...and it's great that you incorporate them into your home's decor. I have been trying to do that more and more.