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Sunday, December 14, 2008

World of Treasures party!

Hello & welcome to the World of Treasures party! Hosted by the lovely & extremely talented Cielo (her blog posts are works of art!) @ The House in the Roses .

I collect many things & I treasure all of them but I thought I'd feature my vintage hankies as today's treasure. I have collected hankies for many years. It started w/ lace ones, then on to roses, then I moved into holiday motif & really began my obsession. They are soo versatile for decorating! One day, I plan on making a quilt out of some but until then, I just tuck them into vignettes & they add just the right touch!

click on any picture to enlarge

I sometimes put up a hankie tree...full of hankies & vintage earrings. The tree topper is the biggest, gaudiest rhinestone brooch you ever saw.... I love it! I didn't put up this tree this year though.

This year, I did this instead. I gathered all my not-using-right-now hankies into a "bouquet" & stuck them into an ironstone vase. Easy Peasy!!!! And I think I prefer the uniqueness of it, over the tree. Course y'all may think the hankie tree is unique but I've been doing it for years so it's appeal has worn thin.

Tucked a couple into a china cabinet.

Added some to this vignette.

And this one too!

Used a couple on the chair backs.

And another on a pillow. Love the sparkly pin!

I can't even picture this vignette w/out the hankie. I must have taken this picture at mid-point during the make-over of my trees. They haven't been glittered yet.

They make great lamp toppers too as long as your bulb wattage isn't too high.

Look at the tiny little Santas on this one!

I tuck them in everywhere.

I also framed a couple of hankies. I normally switch these out w/ holiday ones but not this year.

I had a very hard time getting an interesting shot of the roses hankie valances I have in my bedroom & finally gave up. This is as good as it gets....sorry!

Some of my stash!

But the sweetest use of I made of them, was the adorable bonnet I made for my granddaughter, Caralyn. Look at that wild hair! She was the only one, of the grands, born w/ a full head of hair & it stuck straight up!

I included a poem w/ the bonnet that read....."The Magic Bonnet"

"I'm just a little hankie, as square as square can be; but with a stitch or two, they've made a bonnet out of me. I'll be worn home from the hospital, or on the christening day; then I'll be neatly pressed, and carefully packed away. Now on the wedding day, so I have been told; every well dressed bride must have something old. So what would be more fitting, than to find little old me; a few stitches snipped and a wedding hankie I'll be. If by chance it's a boy, some day he'll wed; so to his bride he can present the hankie once worn upon his head."

The hankie bonnet & poem has become my signature baby shower gift. You can google the instructions if you're interested.


Just had to include photos of my true treasures!

Grouchy's lap wasn't big enough for all of them but baby Noah is certainly a treasure! In fact, I truly believe that he was God's gift to my family, to help us get through Clifton's accident. (I feel that so strongly that I teared up typing it!).

Hope you enjoyed seeing my collection of hankies...wonder what treasures everyone else is sharing? Come w/ me to Cielo's to see!


tam said...

I too have quite the hankie collection and I love it! Especially because everyone of them were from my grandmother who raised me. She had started me on many a collections as a matter of fact. I also use them as dollies-they are perfect for that! I really liked the bouquet idea-very pretty! And all the children are so adorable! Being a granmother is the best-isn't ?
Hope your wekend is wonderful...
~Tam :)

HoneyB said...

You are absolutely awesome! I would be in awe if I ever walked into your home. I love everything (and I really love that pin!).

Great photo of Grouchy with the grands. I think this is the first I've ever seen what he looks like! Little Noah is a DOLL! You are SO BLESSED!

Marina Capano said...

Hi! amazing post! I love them!


Knittings Nice! said...

What a wonderful pretty idea...so effective. Glad I stumbled upon your blog.

Miss Janice said...

I just love that hankie tree, it's too cute!

once in a blue moon... said...

lots and lots of cute things are on your blog, was fun, thank you!

Maca said...

qué hermosos tapetes y esos niños tán adorables !!en verdad son un auténtico tesoro!!

salmagundi said...

That last picture beats the hankies all to pieces. But, they are a great collectible and I loved how you have incorporated them into the Christmas spirit! Sally

Peggy. said...

I love your hankies! What creative ways to use them. I have to warn you but I think I will be copying some of these ideas.

CIELO said...

Thanks for participating in "World of Treasures and for all you did to make this a fun event..


Jan said...

I love your blog! I'm in Texas,too! I will sure say a prayer for your son. I love your stack of Santa mugs! My mom had 2 or 4 when we were little. They had winking eys with the open eye having a blue rhinestone! So cute and what special memories for my sister and me! When my mom died 26 years ago, my dad sold them in a garage sale! I have started to try to "re-collect" some and love your ideas and of course the hankies!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful children! Cami- I just love that chair. I don't think you should ever slipcover it. It looks so cozy. I would love to sit in it with a blanket and have a cup of coffee. I love your hankie collection!

Susana de Argentina said...

Cami, your these surrounded by treasures! wonderful! and it is truth! the great treasure but is your beautiful family!! kisses from Argentina! it excuses my English!

FancyHorse said...

I love, love, love your hankies, and the creative things you do with them!

I also enjoyed your Santa mugs (I used to have one, but it dribbled when I drank from it so I gave it away), and the old corsages. I had one, and wore it, when I was a teenager in the 60s!

I like your writing style; I'll come back to your blog again.

Linda said...

Vinty, you are the true treasure among your treasures. I especially love the hankies, and your grands on Grouchy's lap and baby Noah.