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Thursday, December 4, 2008

3 or More Thursday

Welcome to another 3 or More Thursday hosted by Tam @ The Gypsy's Corner .

Today I am featuring part of my collection of old sheet music covers. I have a large collection of them...roses, Easter, Halloween, Christmas. I've even used a romantic one on an anniversary table. I love the graphics on them...some are works of art! Most of these are from the 50's so their graphics are cute but not masterpieces. They sure make me smile though!

This first one is old though...if I remember correctly it's from the 1910's. It doesn't have any colors or great graphics.... just a saying that really epitomizes my feelings about this time of year. ;o) I matted it in red & green to give it a bit of punch.

This one is tacky but I don't care...I love it! I just pop these next 2 in the frame I normally display a sheet of rose sheet music in. I guess I really should remat them for Christmas but I'm kinda digging the neutrality of the taupe. I have them both framed in those old, gold metal picture frames...I just gave them a light whitewash. Both of these hang on either side of my mantel, although not at the same height, as I like everything asymmetrical.

Santa Claus is coming to town! Santa Claus is coming to town!

Oh geesh! I just now noticed my grandson's iPod charger on top of my shelf thingie. That's where that sucker is!

Probably my favorite one. The graphics are sweet & I just love that song. I have this one in my half-bath downstairs. Sorry about the gold cast to the photo. The flash washed everything out so I went w/ natural lighting & that's what I got. This is sooo not natural!

I have a couple more but I don't display them all @ the same time anymore. Poor Jingle Bells gets passed over for Santa everytime!

Hope you enjoyed my collection! I'll share my extensive sheet music collection, featuring roses, after the holidays.

Now head over to Tam's to see all everyone else's 3 or More. Race ya!


redsoxmom said...

Cam, Love the old sheet music! I have a thing for vintage Christmas items. I printed off some pictures from old Christmas post cards and put them in frames. Too cute!

Neabear said...

What a wonderful collection! That is the cool thing about blogland,I see things I never would have thought of and sheet music is one of those things. So cool. Also I love your new header picture. The Santa cups on the cake plate is so cute!

tardevil said...

I love all of the framed sheet music, and wouldn't even have noticed the i-pod charger! :O)