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Saturday, November 29, 2008

A new teaset

Wanted to share this new teapot I got @ Marshall's a couple of weeks ago. I love how ruffly it is!

And while we're here....check out how much better my faux mantel looks w/ the opening covered w/ lace. I'm finally happy w/ it! Wellll, I would be if the slipcovers on the wing-backs were fitted. I love the chairs...they're very petite so they don't take up much space...either visually or physically, so I'd like to emphasize their shape. I think I want some of those stretchy slipcovers...does anyone have any & are you happy w/ them?

I've been buried up to my eyeballs in Christmas decor & had to come up for air! ;o) Talk to ya later!


HoneyB said...

Cami, My nanny had the slipcovers that you mention and I really want to get them myself. I think they are great.

Love your tea set! I can't wait to see your Christmas decos. I won't be decorating since I won't be home.

Anonymous said...

Cami-I've tried the stretchy slipcovers and I think it depends on the piece of furniture. They didn't work on my furniture because of the elasticized bottom. It was too big to fit snugly under the furniture. Just give them a try. You can always send them back-that being said, I really like the way you have your furniture now. It's much more shabby chic. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I LOVE the tea set. Very pretty.

Susan S. said...

Love the tea set and the mantle! I know what you mean about the chairs. It seems like there is ALWAYS another project on my horizon to do, but I like having a list of things to keep me occupied and out of trouble (or stores...LOL!) I'm finding that when I take a picture of things for the blog, the TO DO things stick out to ME like a sore thumb..but as a reader I think your chairs look fine (for now...hehehe...because I'M sure you will find just the right slip covers). But Then, you'll be off on another project, right?! Have a great weekend!