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Sunday, November 23, 2008

I won! I won! I won!

I won my first blog give-away from Miz @ Unabashed Repetition. We're old friends from "wayyy back when", from the HGTV forums. We've even met in person a couple of times but lost touch over the years. We found each other recently while blogging one day...the WWW is a small world after all! ;o) She's a really fun girl (and beautiful too!) w/ a lovely family & a sharp sense of humor. She made a couple of tattered roses recently & had a give-away on her blog & I was the lucky winner of one of them.

Ohhhhh, how exciting!!!! I was soo excited that I almost ripped into it before I remembered my camera...see the torn box! ;o)

Just look at this beautiful rose! And it's even prettier in person.

She used crumbled sheet music to cushion the rose, so of course I had to save it. ;o)

Look how beautiful it looks on my wire mannequin (I soo want one of the old/new mannequins everybody has...Miz even has one *said very petulantly*) but wire or not, this rose sure looks good on her, doesn't she? I have the perfect skirt to go w/ this pin.... it's exactly the same shade & it's made of layers & layers of tattered lace but alas, I'm 10 lbs heavier than when I wore it. (maybe as much as 15....I'm not getting on a scale until I lose weight! LOL)

I'm leaving on a mini-vacation today; my Mother is treating me to a bed & breakfast stay for a couple of days. She is rewarding my devotion to my son during his long recovery ...as if God hasn't rewarded me enough already. ;o) We're driving to Salado to stay in the Inn on the Creek, which is where Jenna Bush held her bridal luncheon last spring. It'll be so much fun strolling the shops, I should be able to soak up some good Christmas cheer before I rip into my boxes next week. And I am going to look so chic wearing this tattered rose on the lapel of my denim jacket...thank you so much Miz! Miz gives a wonderful tutorial on how to make these roses yourself here; so you can all be as chic as I. ;o)

Today is the last day to put in a comment on Friday's post to be eligible for my give-away!


Neabear said...

How fun to win something! Also how nice that your mother is providing the nice trip. Have a wonderful time.

Knitty said...

How nice!

(sob, whimper) I always knew Miz liked you best. (sniff, sniff, pout)

salmagundi said...

What a fun giveaway that you won!! Enjoy your mini-vacation. Sally

Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful! Have fun on your trip and take lots of pictures!

Kathleen Ellis said...

How adorable! I see she is quite sophisticated! :-)