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Monday, October 27, 2008

I found a new thrift store!

It seems like everyone is thrifting nowadays & I haven't had much success @ my usual haunts. But near the hospital, where my son was for so long ( see this post for explanation why ), there is a Salvation Army that is the king of thrift stores. I didn't get to check it out much while he was in the hospital but he goes back to the same hospital twice a week, for physical therapy, so I have had a chance to check it out lately. It is the nicest thrift store I have ever been in! They have all their nicer stuff in "boutiques" & an "antique shop". I can almost always find a couple little somthin' somthin's & last week I found more that . Check it out!

Vintage doggie bookends (made in Germany) & a pair of HEAVY corbel/shelves. The rose coffee pot is chipped along the spout but I don't care...it's old & it has roses on it so I had to have it! The glass dome thing had a corn husk doll in it & a ratty dried flower arrangemnt (obviously from the 70's!)...I think it will be a great container for my first altered fairy (ala Karla).

The sugar scuttle isn't the best quality but I have been looking for one for some time, so I'll make do w/ it until I get a deal on a nicer one. I know, I know.... I could get a nice one easily on eBay or an antique shop but I'm a huntress...I want a bargain! ;o)

Love the grandmother plate...teh hand painting is beautiful. I have a small collection of mother & grandmother plates....but have any of them come from my kids or grands? NOPE! Not a one! I've bought them all for myslef...is that weird?

I wish this Salvation Army was closer to home....sometimes I can hear it calling my name all the way from Dallas!


tardevil said...

Pretty!!! Now you know that rose pitcher is ONE piece of a set, right? So if you like it, I'm sure you can find the dishes to go w/ it!!! It's a pretty common pattern. Some nice finds. I think we need to organize a "Thrift Tour" & go state to state thrifting...but we might all be fighting for the same loot! HA!

Carrie said...

Great thrifty finds....

Linda/ "Mom..." said...

LOVVVE the chuckle near the end about YOU having to find/purchase those great pieces... for YOURSELF!!! You have a great sense of humor, which always makes life not only much more "balanced", but also alot more fun!!! Me thinketh you are a FUN OLNE!!! Blessings, Linda

bj said...

Oh, you hit the jackpot here, girl. I, too, have been looking high and low for a thrifted sugar scuttle.
Take care...bj

Cindy@Cutepinkstuff said...

Fantastic finds! I'm with you about the sugar scuttle, the better the bargain, the better the scuttle! Oh my, I love the doggie bookends and I'm a cat lover! Thanks for commenting on my shabby white piano!

Art by Ronda Juniper Ray said...

oooooo - what wonderful finds! Your coffee pot is Moss Rose, which I started collection when I was only 13!

Found my first set in a -- thrift store! It was called the Lutheran Welfare, and the lunch service for four cost $20. I had to save my allowance for two months to be able to buy it, but I was SOOOO happy when it was still there after I saved up enough money.

One thing led to another, and after a couple decades, I had over 500 pieces!!! We downsized and simplified a LOT last year, so I sold a lot of it, but I still have more than a hundred of my favorite pieces.

Thanks for the wonderful trip down Thrifty Rose Lane!