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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I've been thrifting again!

This time I got a "make my heart go pitter-patter treasure". ;o) Can you pick it out of this line-up? Look close...click on the pic to enlarge if neccesary.

Are these it? Nope...they're cute, they'll look great once the frames are painted & I do like them a lot (although not enough to keep them so I'll put them in my booth) but they don't make me heart do a song & dance.

Now this....

this makes my heart just sing. I love, love, love, love, love this faux scale. I'll paint all the gold parts white & then use it as a server @ a tea party. Won't it be sweet w/ pastries on it? And talk about serendipity.... God soooo meant for me to have this treasure. When it was on the store shelves, the hanging plates were missing (to be honest I thought the piece was a hand towel rack) ...clear across the store, on another shelf, I found the plates, taped togther so I couldn't investigate them very well. It wasn't until I got the 2 pieces home & saw them together that I realized that they were actually meant to be together. My "towel rack" was really a faux scale! And check out that price tag! $3.50 Welll, plus the dollar I spent on the plates. ;o) Gotta love Goodwill! I am so lucky to live close to one so I can hit it often.

I'm not sure if I'll keep the pedestal bowl or not. I'll paint the gold, white on it too...I may have to keep it just because it goes w/ the scale so well but it's a little baroque for my taste, I think. It has a neat marble base & prisms dangling around it's edge, so I still may.

Another domed glass frame that I'll do a collage in & assorted frames to do with what I will. Most I'll fill w/ initials printed off my puter (I got the idea a while back from Tracie @ Notes from a Cottage Industry & put in my booth. The lacy white one is calling out for a rose image though, I think...maybe mounted on fabric.

A cut crystal pitcher...for a buck! The tissue holder is Chandelier by Chris Madden . It still has the original price sticker on it & was I ever shocked, when I saw it.

Holy cow!!!!! Do people really spend that much for a tissue cover? Not me! I paid 75 cents for it. ;o) I'll put it in my booth also but I won't charge anywhere near $60. LOL

I almost always buy clothes on my thrift junkets (for either me or the grands) but I don't take the time to photograph that stuff. Besides.... then you'd want me to model, I'd have to do my hair & make-up, etc etc. *grins*

I'm falling behind in posting my thrift store finds & I still haven't shared my garage sale finds from week before last. I meant to have hubby help me carry a coffee table & shelving unit I got, out of the garage & onto the patio to photograph but since it was Mother's Day weekend, we were pretty busy. Now it's been raining the past couple of days & I may neevr get to share them w/ y'all. The coffee table is awesome! It has porch post legs & a ceiling tin top & was a bargain @ only $20. The shelving unit has a rose mosaic top...it's actually a wine rack but it will be really easy to replace those shelves w/ flat ones. It still had the $100 price tag on it (from Marshall's...was marked $299 retail) but I only paid $20. I also got a couple of great candelabras, some silverplated knife rests & lots of other good stuff. I still hope to share pics of it all, once I can get the furniture hauled out to the patio.

Don't tell hubby that I am bringing this stuff in quicker than I can post about it! ;o)


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

I'm with you girl...sixty bucks for a kleenex box? Sheesh. You have to feel sorry for anyone who would so misuse their resources!

Lina said...

wow! such cool stuff. I wish I was a smart shopper like you. I never find cool stuff at goodwill. Maybe im not looking hard enough...

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I picked it our right away. I have always loved those faux scales especially when they are painted white. Great find!

HoneyB said...

Vinty, I so want to go treasure shopping with you! I love the balance! What great finds!

GrannyLooHoo said...

I knew it was the scales! They are a treasure.