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Friday, March 7, 2008

Wow, it was a history-making day in North Texas yesterday

It snowed on March 6th! I can hardly believe it. On Wednesday, it was warm, in the 70's & I was spray-painting in the backyard....look what a difference a day makes!
I sure am glad I fed the birds on Wednesday when it was warm! I had doves, huddled on windowsills, trying to get a break from the cold. Made me want to invite them in! Here's two staking out a feeder.
Here's a couple of migrating sparrows happy to have found a buffet.

Last night was my eldest grandson, Connor's turn at sleeping over. We have four grandchildren & one on the way.... Connor who's 9, Caeden 5, Caralyn 2, Coleson 1 & ______ . They take turns spending the night ,two nights a week, so that we can get some one-on-one time w/ each of them. Normally on Connor's nights, he & Grouchy work on their car model (they have been building one model or another for 5 years) while I cook & putter & steal pics of the two of them. It warms my heart to watch them together, working on a model. I can see them in my mind's eye, years in the future, bent over some old hot rod; Connor tall & grown-up *excuse me while I get a tissue* & Chris looking older. (God, now I really need a tissue!) My two motorheads...I love them both!
Anyway, it was sooo cold that we all cuddled up on the couches, under blankets, to drink hot chocolate & watch a movie instead. We watched Secondhand Lions starring Robert Duvall & Michael Caine. I love that movie! It's a great movie to watch w/ kids & it's a great movie to watch w/out them. If you haven't seen it...you need to....seriously. ;o)

Snow's still out this morning but so is the sun so it's melting rapidly...just in time to refill my feeders. LOL

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It's hard to believe you got snow while we got a few flakes!